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Saving the world, one Co2 at a time

By Sage Partners

In isolation, the following could be construed as the rantings of a frustrated ex-civil servant who is sitting at home and is bitterly seeking recognition of something he's been banging on about for 30yrs. 

Problem is, even for those of us without a Phd in Biochemistry, we all know something isn...

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ETS Phases out 2-1 subsidy

By Sage Partners

The NZ Govt has acted up provide some teeth to the ETS. Following is a summary of the announced changes made.

Following consultation held between December 2015 and February 2016, the Government has passed the Climate Change Response (Removal of Transitional Measure) Amendment Act which will phase ou...

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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Summary

By Sage Partners

D&O insurance is provides indemnity for the complex legal liabilities that may be encountered by Company directors and for employees who may be deemed to be a director.

To add to the complexity, most insurers divide the insurance policy is divided into two parts:

The first part covers the Insured ...

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