About AIMS & KiwiMarine Global Transit Cargo Insurance

AIMS is a unique marine cargo insurance solution provided for vehicle owners shipping their cars around the world.

The marine insurance companies underwriting AIMS all carry a minimum of a Standard & Poor's financial rating of 'A - Strong'. This provides cargo owners security around the insurers financially strength to meet claims made under the AIMS insurance policy.



The basis of cover on all vehicles is Institute Cargo Clauses B, often referred to as Disaster Cover. This provides for loss or damage to your vehicle from specified perils, e.g. fire, collision,stranding, sinking or overturning of the conveying vessel, entry of water into the hold, earthquake, tsunami, storm damage and various other causes.


Where you have elected, your marine cargo insurance cover may be upgraded to Institute Cargo Clauses A, or often referred to as Full Cover. The extent of this cover includes all the perils mentioned above, plus accidental loss/damage, so it is considerably wider than Disaster Cover.


Both cover options include General Average.


See the full policy wording for more detailed information. The Disaster Cover and Full Cover policies are available for download at the bottom of the page. 


Claims Process

The claims process is one of AIMS unique features. While the AIMS claims team are primarily located in New Zealand, they have a global network of assessors meaning they engage local people, where required, to professionally manage claims at a local level. In most cases however, claims are easily managed by the dedicated claims team through to conclusion. 


Need to make a claim?

You can complete a claim form online now by clicking  here   or visit www.aimsmarine.com


Once you have completed the claim form online, it will be submitted to the AIMS claims team for handling. They will then contact you to progress your claim or your enquiry. You must not appoint any assessor, or incur costs, without the insurers prior approval. Failure to obtain this approval will mean you may remain liable for any costs incurred. 


At the bottom of this page you will find the policy wordings available for you to download.



For assistance making a claim, contact AIMS at  aimsclaims@xtra.co.nz

For policy or cover inquiries, contact Sage Partners Ltd at  admin@sagepartners.co.nz




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