At Sage Partners we don't deal in the ordinary, we don't have ordinary clients and we don't offer ordinary insurance solutions. We work with our clients to apply our skills for their benefit, including creating & delivering bespoke solutions.

       We are in business to;

      • Work with businesses & individuals of a like-mind
      • Deliver the worlds best outcome to clients by acting with a vested interest in their business
      • To challenge tradition and not accept what has been done before as the template for the future

Political Risk - Change of Legislation Insurance

In order to strengthen the financial value of client's business, we spent months crafting a world  first political risk insurance policy with specialist insurers at Lloyd's. These policies insure  against the [NZ Govt's] abolishment of an Act of legislation, on which our client has an interest  in its continued existence.    

This is not your typical insurance solution, which is why we are involved. If you do need advice and assistance for such bespoke solutions, contact us, or your trusted insurance adviser about  your needs. 

Sage Partners are a Lloyd's Cover-holder and deliver insurance solutions to industry. 

Sage Partners is a Registered Financial Services Provider. Participant reference FSP33463, registration date 22/11/2010.

A copy of our financial advisor disclosure can be requested by contacting us by phoning +64 9 950 4902 or email