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AgriCover Contingency Insurance

For decades, insuring against the inadvertent introduction of pest & diseases into a country and the train crash that is the financial aftermath, has been an uninsurable risk leaving it with Governments to pick up the pieces. Think of the following examples and the devastation on-farm and to affiliated industries [transportation, processing plants etc];

  • Foot & mouth        Mycoplasma Bovis        Marmorated stink bug
  • PSA                Swine flu            Fruit fly     

Well now there is some hope. But not just for pest & diseases getting into NZ and ruining our cattle/crop industry's, but also for other significant events e.g extreme dry weather impacting hydro generation and meeting supply contracts. 

From the market that insured the Titanic, Daisy Duke's legs and the Challenger Space Shuttle, a specialist insurer at Lloyd's is able to offer Industry and Governments, the ability to off-set the financial costs from such unexpected events.

This isn't a commodity insurance product. The implications and financial costs are significant so it requires detailed analysis to ensure the right risks are covered and outcomes clear. 

Sage Partners are pleased to be able to offer such a unique solution to the NZ marketplace. 

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